Last year I was completely inspired as I followed along some Instagramers' journeys with #the10dayproject. I loved watching everything unfold for  girl bosses I've come to admire like Elise Cripe (@elisejoy) and Allie Lehman (@alliepal). Neither woman know me personally but they still invited the world in on their  adventure through the project, giving a glimpse of the ups and downs.  

The challenge is to do something creative every day for 100 days. You  pick the project, parameters, rules, etc. (Find more info from or creator @elleluna. Or go listen to Elise's most recent podcast  episode on Elise Gets Crafty) I've followed the project hashtag for a  few years now and was excited to join in this year.......but then we had  a baby. How could I possibly commit to this when I feel lucky to just  keep all of us alive at the end of the day? Why would I try to juggle  one more dang thing? 

But here's the kicker: I need this structure right now in my life. I  need to schedule in a tiny "me moment" every day. Not just because I'm  newly a mother of two or that I have this side biz along with teaching.  But because I need to create something everyday without the fear of will  it be purchased from my online store or at a market. @alliepal said it  best in the podcast episode:  . Also, I love a good challenge. Ask those close to me. Anything that  involves a streak of a habit, I'm in.  

So, what project am I taking on? I've been mulling it over and gathering  materials for over a month now. I'll share more on the guidelines I'm  setting for myself but I plan on doing 100 mixed media necklaces.  Meaning: each necklace has to have at least 2 different materials. Clay,  wood, metal, thread/yarn, etc. I'll only post them once a week (three  cheers for the slide feature!) so it won't disturb my feed too much. I  don't know if I'll sell them, gift them or trash them. We'll see what  happens! 

Why share on my Geo Supply Co. Instagram account? Because that space has always been my  creative outlet. Making jewelry saved me in the midst of some really  dark days, dealing with postpartum depression after Harper was born and  working at a job I didn't love. And without getting too vulnerable  (enough guts have already been spilled at this point), I need it now,  too. I almost didn't post about it because I'm sure some (most) of you  are like who cares? But accountability, y'all. And 2017 for me is all  about being more open. Period. Just open to feeling, open to change,  open to not always being okay or perfect. And open to breathing and  grace.  

If you could do a 100 day streak of something creative? If money,  resources and time didn't need considering), what would it be?